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KPS Neck Pillow For Travel

KPS Neck Pillow For Travel

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Product Name - KPS Neck Pillow For Travel

 Package Contain - Pack of 1

 Material - Foam

 Color - As per available

Shape- Round

Age range- Adult

 Weight - 100

More information:

  • 1. UNIQUE INFLATION divice:This is a unique auto-inflating foldable travel neck pillow. By pressing on the built-in ball pump, fill your neck pillow to your desired point of expansion. Avoid the embarrassment and unsightliness of having to blow a pillow in public, while preventing the breeding of bacteria.
  • 2. SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Experience unprecedented comfort from fully ergonomic design that provides support for the neck, keeping head upright and in a comfortable posture. Adjustable tightness for cervical support gives you a more stable, refined, and comfortable sleep experience.
  • 3. SOFT FABRIC: Made from a very soft, plush new milky silk material. Lightweight, good quality, not harmful to skin, washable.
  • 4. LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABILITY: When not in use, deflates and stores small in its portable pouch. Super convenient portability that won't affect future uses, made with saving space in your bag in mind.
  • 5. MULTI-PURPOSE USE: This multi-purpose travel neck pillow can be used on airplanes, cars, trains, or camping trips. Can also be used during work breaks, and at home while watching TV and for naps.

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