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Orthopedic Pillow Neck Slider-Pillow

Orthopedic Pillow Neck Slider-Pillow

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Product Name - Orthopedic Pillow Neck Slider-Pillow

 Package Contain - Pack of 1

 Material - Memory Foam

 Color - Multi

 Weight - 324 

 L-B-H - 20*12*4

Additional information:

  • Contoured Ergonomic Design: Tailored to match the natural curvature of your neck, this pillow features an additional curve for optimal neck support, significantly reducing neck pain. Optimal Neck Support: Provides precise alignment for the head, neck, and upper lumbar region, diminishing spinal pressure. Its unique contoured design with a supportive neck curve fosters a healthy sleeping posture, ensuring you wake up without discomfort.
  • 100% Memory Foam Construction: Made from high-grade 100% memory foam, delivering a perfect blend of softness and support. This durable foam maintains its integrity over time, resisting flattening for enduring comfort. Effective in Pain Relief: Ideal for neck and shoulder pain relief, upper back discomfort, and headaches. The contoured structure ensures a peaceful sleep by maintaining a relaxed position for the head, neck, and upper back.
  • Premium, Breathable Outer Cover: Equipped with a high-quality, removable, and machine-washable outer cover, offering enhanced breathability and easy maintenance.
  • Designed by Orthopedic Experts: Well-researched and Expertly designed, this pillow is the result of extensive research and design efforts, ensuring top-notch quality and effectiveness.
  • Durable Memory Foam Composition: Features orthopaedic memory foam that retains its shape over time, ensuring consistent, long-lasting support.

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